Strategy and mission

VEI Green is an investment company dedicated to the renewable energy sector.

The company was set up in 2012 and it is controlled by PFH.

PFH Holding was founded by Roberto Meneguzzo. Today the Chairman is Roberto Ruozi while the Managing Director is Giorgio Drago.

VEI Green acquires and manages assets in both the solar photovoltaic and wind power sectors.

At the end of 2017 VEI Green owned directly and indirectly through its participated companies ForVEI and WIISPA, an installed capacity in excess of 200 MW (110 MW in photovoltaic and 90 MW in wind power).

In January 2018 the ForVEI partecipation (30 plants for 90 MW) was entirely sold to ERG Power Generation S.p.A., marking the former oil company entrance into the PV sector.

On the basis of its solid expertise, VEI Green operates through the typical mechanics of equity investments, combining financial support with professional skills of a specialised team, proposing a sustainable growth model.

It focuses on a sector that guarantees a constant and stable economic return over time with a limited risk profile.

Solid and flexible:

Enrico Orsenigo, CEO VEI Green