Growth path

VEI Green started its business mission in 2012 by selecting, purchasing and operating renewable energy plants.

PHASE 1: Investment
VEI Green has invested approximately Euro 140 million in the sector. Resources are used to purchase, build, finance, and organise a portfolio of plants that has reached at the end of 2017 an installed capacity in excess of 200 MW.

Three phases,
only one objective

VEI Green

PHASE 2: Optimisation
In January 2018 ForVEI, the joint venture established by VEI Green and Foresight to aggregate photovoltaic plants, was finally sold to ERG Power Generation S.p.A., being recognised as one of the most prominent operating platforms in Italy.

At the same time, the acquisition of selected assets in the wind power sector and the business combination with Whysol Group’s, gave birth to a second operating platform (WIISPA), specialised in the wind power sector.

PHASE 3: Growth
VEI Green’s growth strategy envisages M&A activities and fund raising to further support acquisitions.